Tuesday 28 May 2024
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 Apple is already developing a second-generation mixed reality headset. At the same time, the company has not presented even the first generation and does not comment on its development. Apple's revenues are already in the billions, and the company's share price regularly breaks all records, but new products and solutions did not come out during the last time. The last completely new product was the Apple Watch, introduced in 2015. But now, the corporation plans to release a wearable device. Experts and the media have simplistically called the novelty VR-helmet, but this device would more correctly be called a mixed reality headset. This device allows a person to interact with virtual and augmented reality simultaneously.

VR shows the viewer an alternate world synthesized using video and audio. Augmented reality does not replace the real world but superimposes various valuable objects.

Apple's secret product could be unveiled as early as the Fall 2022 presentation. Presumably, it will be a wearable device - like smart glasses or in the form of a virtual reality helmet. In support of the idea of a larger body, there are rumors that the device will be equipped with a pair of high-tech screens, several processors, and sensors. Also, in a recent report, it was reported that this gadget would be completely independent of others - in particular, from the iPhone. This indicates the presence of its storage, battery, and wireless connection module.

The main tasks will be virtual interaction with objects, communication, and games in the mixed reality headset. The second could indicate that Apple will increase its participation in the gaming market. This sector is still minimal, and sales of VR games are small compared to the usual games for consoles and PC. Most likely, the company will use its ARKit platform and Arcade services to create and publish new games.

Until the device is unveiled, it is impossible to say that VR and AR glasses will be aimed at a broad consumer audience. The device could be used in manufacturing. In addition, the device will feature two 8K displays and will be priced at around $3,000.


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