Tuesday 28 May 2024
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Hyundai Motor Group introduced a new mobile eccentric droid MobED (Mobile Eccentric Droid), an innovative platform for small mobility tools created using advanced robotic technology. This was reported to RB.RU by the automaker's press service. Robot-assistant MobED is characterized as an advanced layout - a flat rectangular body is placed on four large wheels with independent suspension, providing optimal landing and stability, even on rough roads and surfaces with a slope. This solution allows the platform to move in difficult city conditions due to the possibility of flexible adaptation of wheelbase settings and steering angles.

The MobED droid is equipped with innovative technological solutions, including Eccentric Wheel Drive, high-tech steering, braking and height control systems. They enable the robot to adapt to different conditions and road surfaces and select the optimal position. Three motors on each wheel provide reliable traction and precise handling while adjusting the overall body position in parallel.

The clever design of each wheel with its own motor and control system allows the MobED droid to rotate on the spot and move in any direction. An eccentric control system stabilizes the robot's position by changing the height of each wheel depending on the surrounding surface. In turn, 12-inch pneumatic tires help it pass over bumps even better and dampen vibrations.

Hyundai Motor Group expects that its adjustable wheelbase, compact size and high smoothness of the platform will make it the optimal technological solution for equipment used in delivery, escort and filming. Furthermore, thanks to its impressive maneuverability, the platform can be used for service robots both indoors and outdoors.

If the platform is scaled up, MobED can also be used as a vehicle for the elderly or people with disabilities, as a baby carriage or as a recreational solution.


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