Tuesday 28 May 2024
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The large corporation Inrobics Social Robotics, S.L.L., supported by UC3M, is actively studying the implementation of robotics in the process of improving the health of the population. Systems are being created that can be used to improve the quality of health in rehabilitation centers and health centers. Also, this technique can be easily used at home. The Inrobics system, which was unveiled by the developers of a research university, will be a breakthrough in the field of health. In total, this technology includes several mini developments.

This includes AI, a robot, dynamics tracking apps, and sensors for control. All this simplifies the work with the system, makes it possible to view the archived data and find out the dynamics of the patient's health improvement. Data analysis is in progress.

The main purpose of the system is to simplify and improve the methods of restoring health. The creation of individual physical exercises and procedures will be carried out. This will significantly improve the work of all medical personnel and make it possible to improve the quality of rehabilitation of patients. It is very interesting to observe the interaction of medical robotics with children, who perceive everything as entertainment. They are not afraid of doctors and the procedures that will be performed in the process of restoring health. Also, the Inrobics system can be used within the walls of the home to monitor health, improve the quality of life, and speed up the rehabilitation process.

For the first time, this technology was used in a Spanish clinic for the rehabilitation of patients with paralyzed parts of the body. Thanks to new technologies and AI, the recovery process will become easy for both patients and doctors.


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