Saturday 13 July 2024
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OTTO Motors Corporation announced the expansion of its horizons, as well as joint work with the world's top companies. To this end, the company has demonstrated that their products comply with all European standards, they are completely safe and suitable for promotion to the American market. The products have exceeded all expectations and are gaining popularity in the international arena.

The corporation provides for everyone to see a variety of robotic equipment, which includes a car for transporting cargo weighing up to 1500 kg. The created technology can cope with such tasks as unloading products, packaging and other operations. This AMR system is becoming popular in the largest warehouses in the United States. An OTTO Motors Fleet employee manages all logistics operations and closely monitors all processes on site.

Technology conquers Europe

 OTTO products have earned the best praise from experts in the field. For this successful brainchild to be able to supply its products to other countries, the corporation found support in many international companies and was won by their partners. This promotion and development allow OTTO Motors to achieve maximum distribution in the market.

For example, the corporation is already working with DesignPro Automation and Romias Robotics and the large-scale global technology giant Grenzebach Group. Also, the work of robotics was established in warehouses in Japan and Holland. It is communication and collaboration with partners that help the corporation understand the needs of consumers and improve the performance of its machines.

The manager of the company says that the main feature of the corporation is a special approach to the process of automating operations related to the unloading of products. It is thanks to productive work and good performance that the company managed to reach the world level. To maintain its status and systems development, OTTO Motors continues to improve and improve. It is the innovative approach to work that attracts foreign partners. The corporation is already successfully working with the world's best IT companies, as well as firms for the production of robotic technology. This is necessary to improve the skills of working with foreign clients, as well as to expand the capabilities of the technologies that the company develops. Also, the corporation easily adapts to the peculiarities of any region where its automated equipment operates. The heads of the company are proud to announce that they are working with representatives of the Global 500. The company is recognized all over the world, it is gaining immense popularity and inspires trust among customers.



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