Tuesday 28 May 2024
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Autonomous drones from Russian Yandex together with GrubHub intend to organize the delivery of meals in American educational institutions. Yandex platform with its function of food delivery robots will soon collaborate with GrubHub. By the end of the year, more and more universities and colleges will be able to use this super-convenient development. The food delivery company has partnerships with over 250 colleges across the country.

Autonomous vehicles are capable of transporting food without outside interference from workers. Very soon, such robotics will be able to deliver food to educational institutions, which is a very convenient way of delivery and also economical. This became possible after a cooperation agreement between the Russian corporation Yandex and the American food delivery company GrubHub. Two large companies aim at long-term and fruitful cooperation. Yandex is a thriving tech giant that provides a huge number of services to its users, including the delivery of ready-made meals. It was this corporation, the first in the country, that in 2019 launched a test version of robots that will deliver food. Such a system is already partially functioning in some districts of Moscow, as well as in the US state of Michigan. The companies do not disclose financial schemes and criteria for cooperation.

Managing corporations Yandex claim that they are very happy to be a part of such a large-scale project and are ready to use all their innovative developments to develop the era of robotic transport without drivers. It is planned to promote this idea on the world market. Already in early autumn, many US campuses will be able to test this food delivery function.

GrubHub has partnered with many colleges, but since food delivery to campuses is a bit of a specific activity, robots will make this a lot easier. They will be able to transport food to remote and inaccessible corners of the campus in the shortest possible time. While cars or bicycles have some difficulty in doing this.

The whole idea of such automated food delivery machines is based on the self-driving transport system from Yandex.

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