Tuesday 23 April 2024
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Will the use of artificial intelligence be affected by the fact that everything will be owned by machines on the same day, or will different technological methods be useful without harming us?

Artificial intelligence plays an important role in the world of industrial equipment. At first glance, that's not all, but this is because built-in intelligence is often hidden from view and built into a tool or software that you can work with. Maybe we don't use artificial intelligence yet, as science fiction films show, it lacks automation, and we do it more and more often.

Let's take a look at all the ways in which the intelligence created today can be used in automation. For example, working with Advantech and Nvidia, which are both powered by smart products and cloud computing, they have included Aveva AI in their venture capital management suite to make it easier to communicate with human robots. HPE for AI is integrated into many business applications, Omron supports security prediction applications, and PTC is adding intelligent automation systems to its applications. This is a controversial topic, but it can help define the scope of AI for various technologies used in making and processing decisions.

With the increasing use of PG in robotics, Stuart Russell's thoughts and conversations about past events can be very interesting. A computer science teacher sees Stewart reminding the audience of this in 1951. Alan Turing taught a lesson about how we should operate human machines. He believed that it would be impossible for people to realize the full potential of this creature, because it will cause endless harm to all people.

While Russell's comments on constructive ingenuity are not hopeless or underestimated, we can still show how Turing warned us not to. He originally argued that our approach to artificial intelligence is fundamentally flawed and that we do not fully understand AI. It is based on the concept of intelligence developed in the middle of the II century. The idea is that AI is a perfect organization that strives to achieve goals. However, the alleged robot is not the target, so we need to connect it. The issue is, that people don’t even get in at all in what way they can set goals to minimize damages.

Russell says that in order to combat the negative potential of AI, we need to make artificial art programs that constantly connect people. Don't make the car believe it has a purpose. You need to know that you do not know the purpose of the trip. Robots need to be optimized according to human preferences. If the machine solves the problem, the results will be better than humans, not the other way around.

The professor warns that achieving this with AI will not be easy. Changing the standard AI model takes a lot of effort. All methods and theories need to be developed to develop intelligent algorithms. Again

The professor always said that it is better to start with situations where we do not need international wisdom. The program we are working with is not necessarily smart. Therefore, we must try to limit the number of activities.




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