Wednesday 19 June 2024
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 The well-known supermarket chain Kroger begins to closely implement systems for sending products using drones into its work. By the end of spring, customers will be able to take advantage of this feature, which was previously launched by Walmart. The corporation began to work closely and negotiate business with Drone Express to be able to ship its products using specialized drones. People will be able to receive orders for goods for children, medicines, and various food products. The weight of such a specific package cannot exceed five pounds. Residents of Ohio will be able to test the first such deliveries from the store.

The company claims that they are solely responsible for delivering products to their destination. All orders will be delivered by certified drone pilots, supported by the Federal Aviation Administration. The chain of stores predicts successful delivery not only to the buyer's home but also to any corner convenient for him, be it a square, a beach, or another suitable place for this.

In the process of testing and researching the operation of delivery drones, Kroger is specifically dedicated to creating a complete set of products that can be transported through the air. After all, their dimensions and weight should not exceed the specified norms. For example, the company has collected kits for toddlers that include the most necessary things. Baby formula, juices, wipes, and diapers. They are also working to develop boxing drugs and fluids that do not require a medical prescription. There are also packages with snacks, chips, and sweets. The director of the company claims that all orders will reach the recipient no longer than 15 minutes.

Specially designed delivery drones can significantly improve the company's performance and make life easier for people. Now you will not need to stand in a queue for a long time or wait for hours for a delivery supplier loaded with orders. Drones contribute to improving the quality of life for people as well as preserving the environment.

Now, all buyers of the supermarket will be able to quickly and easily make a purchase and receive it in the shortest possible time. For example, if a customer urgently needs a missing ingredient for a dish he is preparing at the moment, the store will be able to send it to him in a few minutes. He will not need to break away from the process, but just place an order. Also, people will be able to please their friends with an unexpected pleasant package with sweets and other pleasant gifts. Now, people can easily take care of their loved ones who need their help and care by sending them food.

In the coming days, drone test flights will begin to deliver products of Kroger in Centerville. The entire path of the drone will be monitored by a specialist in the trailer. He will control the flight by following him in a special sonicator. The next in line for test flights in California Ralphs.



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