Tuesday 23 April 2024
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The world-famous mobile corporation began to cooperate with the young company Udelv for the production of 35 thousand cars.

Based on the needs and wishes of customers, the company developer of the parts for the devices announced that from 2023 the delivery will be carried out without drivers. It is worth noting that one of Intel's subsidiaries is already exploiting autonomous technologies for movement with might and main. Now it's Udelv's turn to bring this unique opportunity to its customers.

A new type of delivery is carried out thanks to an improved and innovative type of wireless transport called a carrier. Since the company now has a lot of orders from various firms and organizations, in the near future it is planned to increase the delivery of its super development to a record figure of 35 thousand. This is the number of vehicles that are planned to be produced and delivered to customers in 2023-2028. This will lead to the need to carefully study and go through the insurance process.

The corporate manager believes the company is achieving unprecedented growth. The number of planned sales for the coming years speaks for itself. So many autonomous vehicles can be quickly deployed to deliver goods.

The system consists of a variety of dedicated sensors with 13 cameras, 3 aircraft, 6 radars and 6 different caliber LiDARs. This includes universal REM routing programs that use moving vehicles online.

The company is also testing autonomous vehicles in many cities to launch a robotic taxi service. The development of automotive technology is scheduled for 2025.

The design and system of all parts of the development are based on the idea of extremity. Our technology is different in that for proper functioning we do not need a lot of special devices, such as endless lasers and so on. The camera technologies we have developed consist of just a few surveillance systems and sensors. If one of the subsystems does not cope with accurately identifying something in its path, the other will immediately help to see it.

Startup Udelv is the most secure and reliable product. This is one of the best developments specifically for mobile operators. He is at the beginning of his journey, but very soon he will be able to afford a large staff and huge premises for the company. For several years, he has been doing research on unmanned trucks in the American markets. More than 20 thousand orders of autonomous vehicles were delivered. In some of them, they are already working with might and main.

Today, the company makes full use of its developments, although they are still waiting for the necessary clamps, suitable specifically for their models. They may be ready in 2023.

The corporation uses trucks for transportation that resemble more electric vehicles with a driver's seat. They are very similar to drones. These machines are designed for a modular platform or skateboard that can be fitted to the chassis of almost all vehicles.

The company does not publish statistics, does not indicate the choice, charge, or weight of the car. The car is known to be rechargeable and can go up to 65 mph. And although the product is considered completely self-contained, this is not entirely true. According to the CEO, the car has a remote control.

The company's delivery service has no geographic restrictions when it launches in 2023, which means it can travel anywhere and under any conditions.

This statement really underlines the financial maturity and affordability of the solution to the community. The program is ready for the widespread use and covers tens of thousands of vehicles, many states, and all partner companies in all cities without gardens or restrictions.

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