Tuesday 23 April 2024
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Imagine, in the future, you receive the desired package by air, by a drone. It's hard to imagine this in real life, isn't it? But WEF has completely different reasoning on this score. 

This company presented a project for all-seeing, in which it demonstrated its assumptions about the development of technology in the future. The organization made assumptions 15 years ahead and in its ideas (a total of eight projects were presented) was very close to what is happening in the modern technical world now. Indeed, in the same year, the Federal Aviation Administration approved the decision to use drones as delivery vehicles.

Immediately thereafter, the total number of coupon flying gadgets peaked at 1,782,47. This will significantly increase productivity and reduce costs for the company. 

 Delivery companies have MEC networks with 4G and 5G support in their arsenal. Thus, firms will be able to reap huge benefits from the use of drones in their operations. They will pay off their cost in full. Indeed, thanks to these devices, it became possible to trace the exact path of the parcel, video of the flight, as well as work in areas dangerous to humans, such as construction and mining. It is these sectors that require constant monitoring. Also, drones can be very useful in medical services. 

 Finding drones for delivery 

Verizon's Skyward platform has emerged as the top contender for drone delivery. After joining Flight Forward, the company began developing plans to organize the shipping of medical supplies. The first flights will be carried out in a community with elderly people who primarily need the delivery of medicines. The manager of the company claims that despite the rather futuristic appearance of the idea of transferring using drones, it will soon become a familiar and quite common thing. It is not known only whether it will be possible to achieve this by 2030, as predicted earlier. The companies are all engaged in the development of equipment, thinking over the concept and choosing the points where such mail is needed in the first place. 

 Priority first 

 The head of the organization, Mr.Ringer, argues that despite the active development of a drone delivery system using 5G technologies, it does not mean that the sky will be crowded with flying gadgets. At the initial stage of work, this type of delivery will not be available to a wide range of consumers. 

Take New York as an example, despite a large number of daily transfers and a lack of labor, the metropolis is not well suited for delivering mail by drones. A suburb with a vast territory can be considered more suitable in this regard. But still, medicines will remain the priority object of delivery by flying devices. 

 For quality delivery of parcels by drones, it is necessary to establish logistics. You need to know where exactly the drones will fly, all information about their movement should be available to the relevant authorities. It is necessary to create a numbering and register of drones. 

 Logistics and safety are the main objectives that Skyward plans to follow. The drones operate on a simple control panel that can be controlled online over a long distance. Operators can enter settings, track flight logs, and instrument maintenance. Also, managers can follow the entire shipping process without missing the slightest detail. 

 Flight safety 

 Cybersecurity and reliability are important considerations when developing drones. Cases of interception of a parcel and its theft are not uncommon. Based on the data obtained, almost half of all mailing users have suffered at the hands of robbers at least once. Even more, excitement is added by the fact that now, the parcels will be sent by machines and not by living people. 

The developers argue that so far it is worth resorting to a new form of delivery only in worthwhile situations, with a minimum probability of losses. It is nursing homes and hospitals that are ideal for starting an air delivery service. While delivering to major cities will be quite problematic at this stage. This will become possible only after a while, after thorough research and development testing in practice. 

 Testing Verizon's Special 5G 

 For several years, the company has been testing drones on 4G and 5G Ultra Wideband networks. It was found that shortly, the new 5G technology will be able to guarantee maximum security, delivery speed, and reliability. 

To achieve maximum results, it is necessary to collaborate with Flight Forward, an organization that can provide many resources and assistance in translating ideas.

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