Tuesday 23 April 2024
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Microsoft explores the realism of VR with a new wrist-mounted device
Microsoft explores the realism of VR with a new wrist-mounted device

Undoubtedly, such devices as Valve Index and Oculus Quest 2 are the leaders in creating VR, but the touch controllers included with them in the compendium are not ideal and require improvements. Microsoft is researching ways to improve this headset. It is planned to achieve the most realistic sensations when using VR devices, due to the updated design, where a special handle will be attached to the user's wrist.

Thanks to an innovative system with motorization elements, the controller from the Haptic Pivot can become one of the best gadgets for transmitting tactile sensations. It has built-in high-quality touch sensors, thanks to which the system understands what kind of movement you have made.

The sensors fully match the speed of your real movements and project them into virtual reality, with the updated system you can not worry about latency and other bugs. The device is fully synchronized with the program. Using the Pivot headset, you will be able to use two controllers at once in yours. Thanks to these technologies, you will get a unique opportunity to have a real sensation of touching the object you are touching in the virtual world.

New wrist-mounted controllers are automatically disabled if you don't use them.

It is worth mentioning that Haptic Pivot technology will facilitate the work of creators of virtual games and applications, as it perfectly synchronizes with any other controllers, as well as computer mice and keyboards.

The designers of wrist-based controllers argue that this form of interaction will contribute to a better VR immersion.

This project, created by Microsoft to study virtual reality technologies, can become an impetus for other companies to create their developments to improve devices.


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