Wednesday 19 June 2024
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Recently, the world saw a completely new generation of collaborative robots, which is being developed by a world-famous corporation. Collaborative devices GoFa and SWIFTI were demonstrated for all to see. They represent an improved and completely modernized model of robots from earlier times. These cobots have more performance and stamina and are also more comfortable to use. You can buy them today.

The developer company claims that such technologies can facilitate and improve work in the areas of healthcare, sales, transportation, and others.

Cobot GoFa CRB 15000

This model is a six-axis autonomous robot with rotating position sensors, which can operate at a distance of 950 mm. The robot will be able to hold a weight of 5 kilograms and accelerate more than 2 meters per second. GoFa surpasses its predecessor in absolutely all respects.

This model is designed to support a variety of Apps and capabilities. It can perform tasks associated with unloading goods, packaging, collecting parts of products, as well as automated maintenance of equipment. Customization as a cobot is done through the use of end-to-end programming and innovative programs in the Wizard system. This greatly simplifies interaction with robots, it is possible to work with them even with minimal training and education.

ABB's manager Andy Zhang says that thanks to new developments, Kotob's technologies enable them to easily cope with various tasks. Their advantages include high endurance, mobility, compactness, and ease of use.

All this makes it possible to use these robots in various factories, regardless of the size of their pavilions. This was made possible by the mobility of the cobots and their quick adaptation to their surroundings. This improves productivity and is also the key to productive work with staff.

Since motion sensors are placed in cobots, they can react to the presence of a living person and interact with him without any obstacles without endangering them. The hinges of the cobots have a rounded shape, without pinching them, which prevents injury to employees during work. Besides, the GoFa features a visual safety sensor on the FlexPendant and an interaction gauge that indicates the status of the cobot (via color change).

Cobot CRB 1100 SWIFTI

The improved six-axis robot from ABB has become even more efficient and useful in production. Its speed can reach 5 meters per second, and the load is 4 kg. The developers offer potential buyers at once 2 versions of cobots with a coverage radius of 475 mm and 580 mm.

SWIFTI was created specifically to help employees and make their work easier. For example, this robot can be used for unloading, product picking, and screwdriver insertion bolts.

The creators of the cobot argue that when performing his duties while driving, he does not interact with the workers directly. This reduces the risk of injury in the workplace by company employees. Plus, this robot can also be used with tools that were also suitable for its predecessor. For grabbing objects, a vacuum bag with water sources (in its 4 sides) is perfect.

The company guarantees the reliability and security of SWIFTI. After all, its software has a certified security system such as SafeMove. It is housed in the controller itself and equipped with a laser scanner. This allows you to create completely safe conditions for the movement of the cobot. The whole concept of development is to eliminate the interaction of the machine with people, maintain safety, and minimize injuries. Enterprises can operate at their usual pace and mode, it is not necessary to install fences for robots.

Cobots can themselves determine the presence of a person in the room and slow down the pace of work or simply stop. He can distinguish between green, yellow and red zones and react based on the programmed processes. So, in the green perimeter, the cobot will continue its work at its usual pace, in the yellow zone it will increase its speed, and in the red zone, it will stop. Thus, it will help the employee to fulfill his duties without hindrance, for example, to load products.

SWIFTI will continue its activity only after its sensors transmit to it information that the employee has moved to the green area.

In addition to reliability and safety, the cobot attracts with its low cost. After all, now enterprises do not need to adapt to automated equipment and change the interior of their hangars. This saves money, time as well as free space. Productivity and quality of work are improved. Workers don't have to change their normal work routines when implementing ABB robotics.


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