Wednesday 19 June 2024
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Research has shown that Exergaming has a positive effect on the body of a person who does not want to go to the gym. Exercise is not known to be a fun pastime. However, this situation is changing thanks to new active video games and virtual reality games. According to a new University of Georgia study, Exergaming, or active video games, may be the perfect start to help users be more active.

Anyone can find a game that matches their interests. Active games exist for most gaming consoles, such as the Xbox and PS. An earlier study demonstrated that Exergaming could have a physical impact, explicitly replacing the usual sedentary computer games.

This study suggests that exergaming subjects felt a sense of satisfaction and autonomy while exercising.

Some people do not enjoy traditional physical activities such as strength training or running. However, they may be willing to play active video games because it doesn't feel like Exercise. They are just having fun.

This eagerness to play may encourage people to start doing a physical activity without the stress and boredom that sometimes accompanies going to the gym.

Exergaming may be the beginning of an increase in physical activity.

The study, which was published in the International Journal of Sports, observed 55 people whose daily physical activity did not reach the recommended norm of 150 minutes per week. 

Participants were randomly assigned to either Exergaming or traditional aerobic exercise classes three times a week for six weeks. Exergames could choose from various games, including Just Dance, Kinect Sports, and Zumba Fitness World Party.

Physical activity and exertion were measured during the sessions using accelerometers, heart rate monitors, and a scale that determined how hard participants felt they were exercising. Researchers also used a variety of assessments to determine the subjects' level of enjoyment of Exercise and their degree of motivation to exercise, among other things.

People who exercised in traditional groups exercised more intensely than their counterparts in the exergaming group. It turned out that the supportive atmosphere of this type of group exercise encourages people to give it their all and encourages them to be accountable for attendance.

But the exergaming participants did much better in the classes. And that, along with a sense of ownership in their ranks, increases the likelihood that they will continue them and maybe ready for other types of physical activity in the future.

Play video games to shorten sedentary lifestyles

However, active video games and their beneficial effects on the body aren't just suitable for adults. Researchers say exergames are an easy way for adults to increase their children's physical activity levels. To children and many adults, video games don't seem like Exercise.

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